"Learn the meaning behind the name.
BLVCK LXRD$ - noun. /blak lôrds/
BLVCK - We invert our "A" to remind ourselves and the world that no one gets to define what it means to be black for us.  We decide who we'll be. Our fate is our own, and nothing can limit us from our dreams.
LXRD - The "X" over our "O" reminds us to stay humble. No matter where life takes us we never forget where we came from and who helped us get there.  Though we may be the Lords of our kingdom, we will be fair and just in our rule.
$ - The "$" reminds us to hustle hard for our dreams. Stay on the grind, and never give up.
BLVCK LXRD$, go forth, reach your dreams, and look good doin' it.
Welcome to the kingdom."
"When comes the saints, comes the evils, bring the lxrd$"